Brief Introduction

Shanghai Dushi group is located inShanghaiCity, southwest of golden coastline gold belt in Jinshan District, adjacent to theHangzhouBayBridge, located in the highway G1501 new agricultural exports. Group covers an area of 1085 acres, has built 30000 square meters of modern scientific research center, 480000 square meters of large-scale modernization of plant and has the international leading level microcomputer control production pipeline, manufacturing equipment is equipped with a full set of refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, air conditioning, small household electrical appliances and other home appliances for the main parts. Is the Shenhua electrical appliances inShanghaionly in the refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, air conditioning, small household electrical appliances and other products R & D, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the enterprises.

The company was founded in 1998. After fifteen years of development, Shanghai Dushi group has become a diversified across regions of the home appliance industry group, the company's existing Shanghai Dushi Industry Co. Ltd., Shanghai silvertech Industrial Co. Ltd., Shanghai Hanshin Electric Co. Ltd., Anhui Bantian Electric Co., Ltd., Jiangsu love Ford Technology Co. Ltd., Xuzhou Branch Bank of trade, Xuzhou Bo West Germany electric subsidiaries. Have "Shenhua", "Kobe" "Bantian", "Snow White", "silver", "Bo West" and other brands.

Design concept of Shanghai 's group has always been adhering to hard work, innovation, diligence, dedication to the spirit of enterprise and the people-oriented, "Shenhua electric one step ahead" of the strong brand culture based on the development of energy saving, environmental protection, health, fashion, the utility of a new generation of "Shenhua", "Bantian", "Kobe", "snow the princess", "silver" and other home appliance products. Companies in strict accordance with the ISO9001 standard quality management system to operate. Has received ISO9001 certification, ISO140001 certification, the EC CE certification, the state compulsory product certification. The company has been rated as "Chinese famous boutique", "Chinafamous brand", "energy efficiency labeling is excellent enterprise" and "national product quality supervision and spot checks of qualified enterprises".

Shanghai's group of three series (refrigerator, freezer, washing machine) 104 products to the countryside in the bidding in the nationwide comprehensive bid in the home appliance. With electric appliance business offices and service centers all over the various provinces and cities nationwide, perfect marketing system and after sale service network, not only as Duchenne group timely access to market information window, but also provides a strong customer service service for users. Du people always put customer service as the foundation and the lifeline of long term operation. In recent years, the domestic sales network has been developing rapidly, Shenhua, Bantian,Kobe, snow white in the national market share expanding. Exports Yinke, Bo West washing machine to increase year by year, the products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America andEastern Europecountries.

Shanghai Dushi group I won't change any day to adhere to technological progress, technological innovation, adhere to a steady walk home appliance industry professional development road, the company will be relying on Shanghai this window open to the outside world, robust build domestic and international architecture, to create a famous brand, Chinese Duchenne Shenhua world famous brand, to Duchenne group company into a world-class enterprises, for the ball people make the most suitable for the good home appliances